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Prep & Inventory

Quickly digitize prep lists and recipes. Ensures consistency and efficiency for daily food prep
Inventory Counting
  • Painless count with customizable units and automatic unit conversion
  • Inventory checklist with multiple storage locations
  • Compare staff speed with count timers
  • Immediately log waste while counting inventory
Food Prep
  • Customizable daily demand level (Slow, Medium, Busy, Holiday)
  • Never run out, set a minimum quantity to have on hand
  • Automatically adjusts pars based off historical data*
  • Projects future usage based off shelf life, time to prep and future demand. Never run out again!
  • Know the exact amount to make, taking into account inventory, demand, recipe and projected usage
  • Records quantity made, staff, time and recipe used
  • Suggests the perfect recipe to achieve par, while maximizing efficiency
  • Accurately autoscales recipes to prevent mistakes
  • Groups recipes that have common ingredients like making dough or chopping veggies*
  • Built in kitchen timers*
  • Compare prep times between staff*
Waste Tracking
  • Tracks all your waste in one spot
  • Logs when and why something is discarded
  • Get instant email or mobile alerts for waste on big ticket items
  • Customizable waste tags


Track cash and ensure accountability every step of the way from counter to bank
Staff Checkout
  • Waste less time dealing with cash
  • Works with cash drawers, individual’s banks, or your own custom set up
  • Fully customizable to fit any business
  • Automatically calculates how much cash is owed, charged tips and drawer shortages
  • Integrates with printers to provide deposit slips for every drop
  • Cash drops can be recounted, logged and verified by management
Tip Out
  • Calculate tip out amounts for individual departments
  • Tip out departments based on customizable numbers like food sales, net sales, and alcohol sales
  • Allows staff to easily modify tip out amounts based on peer work performance
Cash Drawer Count
  • Staff can quickly record accurate drawer opening and closing counts
  • Re-counts are logged. See if money disappears “magically” after the first count
  • Hold staff individually responsible for their assigned drawer
  • Checkouts can be grouped into a closeout by management for easy accounting
  • Closeout drop amounts can be recounted, logged and verified by owner

Staff Management & HR Tools

KounterTop enables timely and effective communication between staff and management
Feedback and Communication
  • Enables a full dialog between staff and management
  • Get immediate customer feedback
  • Use tags to categorize and prioritize pressing issues
  • Automatically include relevant staff in conversation based on tag
  • Receive instant email and mobile notifications
Staff Notes
  • Log notes on specific staff performance
  • Use tags to group notes like punctuality, complaints, compliments, and staff interactions
  • Instant email and mobile notifications when management adds a note
  • Makes performance reviews easier through compiling data on staff activities
Manager Notes
  • Keep track of goals, performance and maintenance
  • Keep a daily log of activities, sales, and staff levels
  • Look back at last year’s notes to prepare and improve performance
  • Stay reminded of the small things that add up to a big difference
  • Display announcement banners for all staff to see
  • Keep everyone up to date on daily specials and large reservations
  • Address recurring issues with everyone instantly. For example utensils being accidentally tossed
  • Manage events and daily demand levels
  • Prepare for holidays and local events


Full Edit History and Accountability
  • All data and items have revision history. Go back and see all edits since creation
  • Undo an accidental deletion or change
  • All changes are logged with a staff name and timestamp
  • No more guessing who made changes
  • Powerful reporting engine to view data in any way
  • Run customizable reports any time, anywhere
  • Built in powerful reports get you going with no extra work
  • Full control over individual staff access
  • Create read-only accounts to prevent accidental data edits
  • Give access to only the necessary features
  • Security is a top priority for KounterTop
  • All traffic is encrypted so only you can see your data
  • KounterTop uses industry leading security practices to keep all data safe
  • Automatic Updates: App includes seamless updates for the newest features, bug fixes, and security patches
  • Multi-Location: Easily switch between managing multiple locations with one login
  • No New Hardware: Use existing computers, tablets or staff’s personal devices. Supports iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android, Windows, Mac, and many more
  • Data Import: KounterTop can import data from many popular apps, POSs and spreadsheets